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Canadian Hussaini Association

Canadian Hussaini Association is a non-profit religious organization officially registered in British Columbia. It has a very long history of when and who established this organization. In fact, In pursuit of the continuous expansion and growth of the Afghan Shia community in Vancouver and neighbouring cities, it has been consistently evident that establishing an institution capable of addressing the religious, social, and cultural needs of our esteemed communities is crucial.

In response to this imperative, the Canadian Hussaini Association was founded in 1998 by our community elders. May Allah have mercy on all those who have passed away.Initially, Muharram events were organized in various community rental halls. As the Afghan Shia population in Metro Vancouver expanded, they acquired land and constructed a mosque. Over time, as the community grew, the initial mosque proved insufficient, leading to the decision to purchase a larger area for a new, more spacious building. Presently located in Richmond, our mosque can accommodate over 500 people, yet expansion remains a priority. Plans are underway for a larger infrastructure to meet the needs of all our members. We have a comprehensive by-law outlining our services and programs. For membership or assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time.

It is worth mentioning that the Canadian Hussaini Association relies on the grace of Almighty Allah and expects support, both spiritually and materially from our community members. The association operates independently without any political affiliations so as that serve our community with their religious need and provide services for them and their family. 

Our Vision

To cultivate spiritual development, strengthen communal ties, and advocate for peace. In our Mosque, worshippers discover solace, pursue knowledge, and collaboratively contribute to the prosperity of our diverse community.

Our Mission

To empower our community members to make a positive impact in our society by providing resources, knowledge, inspiration, and empowerment through various religious, educational, social and cultural initiatives.


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Executive Team

The Canadian Hussaini Association comprises an 10-member team elected during the last general assembly in October 2023 by the association's members. This dedicated team operates on a voluntary basis, overseeing and managing the organization's activities.
Mohammed Rafi Hussiny


Hasan Ahmadi

Vice President

+1 (778) 987-1714

Sajedeh wisal


Janali Khodadad


Abdolrazzagh Karimi

Director of Educational/Cultural Coordinator

Mehdi Fasihi

Director of Educational/Cultural Coordinator

Sharif Tourgan

Director of Educational/Cultural Coordinator

Mehdi Bazel

Director of Building Management

Ali Akbar

Director of Kitchen

Ali Reza Nazari

Director of Kitchen

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